About Us

Destinationz360 formed by Sachin Ashok Mehta is a truly professional Tour and Travel company dedicated to organizing innovative tourism products and services. This ISO 9001:2008 certified company has been awarded with Quality Brands Award. Customer satisfaction has been the primary focus of Destinationz360 since its inception.

Our founder and managing director Sachin Ashok Mehta has been awarded Rashtriya Udyog Ratna in 2011 & the best entrepreneur’ by Brihanmumbai Vocational Education Development Committee. In addition to teaching he is an accomplished writer of travel articles.

In our endeavour to cater to all categories of tourists, namely, individuals, student groups and corporations we continually are in the process of creating tour programmes that are entertaining, educative, and experiential.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer and leader in transformational tourism in the world by helping people discover places and discovering themselves

We achieve our Vision by:

  • By Maintaining Highest Levels of Ethics & Professionalism
  • By Developing Transformational Breakthrough Packages
  • By Training Leaders To Conduct The Tours
  • By Creating Content Based Experiential Learning
  • By Discovering New Places For Transformational Camps
  • By Synergising With Talent, Organisations And People For Exceptional Delivery
  • By Exploring Newer And Shifting Older Paradigms In Tourism
  • By Continuously Inviting New Participants, Organizations, Institutions To Be Part Of Our Vision
  • By Creating Cooperative Rural Tourism Models
  • By Leading The Industry Through Innovation And Experimentation
  • By Building The Brand & Community Called Destinationz 360
  • By Being Committed Towards Abundance, Prosperity And Fulfillment In India
  • By Fulfilling The Dreams (Experience, Purpose) Of People
  • By Helping People Experience Magical Delight

Core Values underlying our Business Practices

  • Customer first attitude
  • Organization before Me
  • To be a cause of creation
  • No compromises on commitments
  • Obsession with perfection
  • Open mind and wide thinking
  • Macro and Micro perspective
  • Eye for detail
  • Doing what we say & Saying what we do

We serve our customers with complete responsibility. In keeping with the Indian custom of 'Atithi Deo Bhava', where guests are treated as gods, we make them feel loved and cared. It is specifically through this approach that we aim at creating a difference between us and others.

Our Special Abilities

As a complete tour and travel company, we are thoroughly conversant with the business of organized travel and are capable of catering to different segments of travellers. They could be student groups, corporate professionals, or senior citizens. Every one irrespective of community, age, and gender is given personal attention by touring employees. Travellers touring with us never feel neglected or fail to communicate.

Services and Types of Tour

Destinationz 360 offers tours of different categories, namely, professional tours, adventure tours, educational tours, industrial study tours, wildlife and nature study tours, architectural tours, luxury vacations, and special interest tours. We also make hotel bookings and ticketing on behalf of our customers. All services from conceptualizing to completion of a tour are carried with the greatest care.