Adventure Tourism - Wildlife

We select our sites for safaris, wildlife camps, treks and expeditions keeping in mind the kind of wildlife our guest intends to see and experience. We take opinions and feedbacks from the panel of our naturalists, wildlife biologist, forest conservators and wildlife lovers.

The experiences that we tend to give are beyond just safaris and treks. We also conduct interaction with the expert panels to share their experiences and knowledge.

We also participate in Conservation activities such as Wildlife Census, Educating tribal communities in supporting the wildlife.

Working with NGO’s to rehabilitate Poachers and generating alternative occupation for them & giving free education to their children.

DestinationWild Life (Wild Life conservation projects)

  • Ranthambore 6 Days
  • Nagzira / Navegaon 6 Days
  • Jim Corbett National Park 7 Days
  • Bandipur National Park 7 Days
  • Chilka Wild Life Sanctuary 7 Days
  • Pirotan (Marine National Park)