ECO Tours

Eco tours are a new addition to the services provided by Destinationz 360. This concept has grown in importance so as to protect environment to the greatest extent possible. Irresponsible tourism could do more harm than good to the ecological balance of a place, whereas responsible tourism not only helps in protecting environment but also preserve resources.

Rural Tourism

Recently, rural tourism is being given preference by government bodies. This has dual benefits:  

  • Preventing crowding of popular tourist destinations
  • Giving a spurt to rural economy

Preventing crowding of popular tourist destinations - Tourists normally prefer to visit places that are famous and have some historical or religious significance. This not only causes over crowding but also results in pollution. It is a common sight to find most religious tourist places unhygienic and unclean. Too much movement of pilgrims and travellers to these destinations put excessive burden on civil authorities to keep the place clean and garbage free. In addition these places are not exactly meant for a quiet vacation many of you might be looking for.

Traditionally places with religious or historic importance were developed as tourist attractions and hence attracted all resources in form of infrastructure building. However with the idea of peaceful vacation having changed rural places are being developed as tourist destinations. Many rural areas now have nature resorts with modern amenities making your stay comfortable. We at Destinationz 360 lay emphasis on rural tourism as a perfect recluse from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Giving a spurt to rural economy - Rural areas, particularly in less developed countries (LDC), are neglected when developmental issues are charted. Inequitable distribution of resources causes a gap between villages and cities in these LDCs. A conscious effort is being made by government bodies to develop villages as centres of tourism. The response has been encouraging during the last few years. Several resorts have come up in villages giving the much needed growth to rural tourism. Development of villages as tourist destinations has helped in improving their infrastructure in ways of better communication, continuous power supply, and supply of drinking water. Employment to local inhabitants has also improved the living condition of the village poor.

Destinationz 360 is contributing in this process by encouraging you to spend vacations in rural areas. Here you get to stay away from the humdrum of city life for at least some days and spend your time in the lap of nature. Many of these nature resorts in villages have organic farms and fishing ponds. You could try your hand in vegetable farming or angling. This way of provisional agro tourism is a soothing exercise for your mind and body. In many of these village resorts the entire supply of vegetables and poultry come from the resort itself. This also helps in preserving resources. Unconventional energy sources like solar and wind energies are used for lighting purposes.

We at Destinationz 360 are encouraging rural tourism and agro tourism with all our efforts. Be it a short weekend trip or a recovery period from severe illness, a rural vacation could be just perfect for you.