Educational Tours

Educational tours are among specialized categories of trips organized by Destinationz 360. Education in schools and colleges is no longer confined within four walls of a classroom or lecture hall. Its domain has extended to historic places, nature parks, archaeological sites, observatories, and museums. Many of these outstation tours last for a few days and demands elaborate planning. Our responsibility increases when these educational tours are carried out overseas. On certain occasions these educational tours could last for few months when students visit a university for learning courses through exchange category.

Zoology Tours

These tours conducted by Destinationz 360 are specially meant for studying of terrestrial animal life, and aquatic fauna in notable places. Wooded areas, coastal villages, and hill stations are ideal places for these tours. These excursions are usually conducted within national limits, though foreign tours are not uncommon. For instance study of migratory birds or whales requires travelling to different countries during different periods of a year.

These tours need year-round planning that could be charted by experienced and knowledgeable tour operators like Destinationz 360. Our expert officials could guide you to the exact locations to study say the breeding pattern of Arctic tern, which is known to migrate from Arctic to Antarctic in the course of a year, or the migration of Gray whale along the Pacific coast of North American continent.

Such educational tours require elaborate and thoughtful planning which only experts are capable of. These high profile tours are usually undertaken by research scholars and university students.

Botany tours

Botany tours could also be as riveting as zoology tours. Study of vegetation is an important study matter for students of botany. Localization of plants, their process of seeds dispersals, soil and climatic conditions required for their growth are all areas of research in these educational tours. Even school going students are taken on such tours.

Educational Tours to Historic places

Tours to historic places are among the commonest forms of education tours. We at Destinationz 360 arrange these tours as per demands of customers. School children, college students, and even university scholars tour these historic places regularly. As many of these historic places double up as tourist destinations, they are usually crowded. For an educational tour to these places planning in advance is important as adequate accommodation could become an area of concern.

Students Exchange

Student exchange initiatives among colleges and universities are quite common today. Exchange students usually study in areas of language, culture, history, art and architecture. Every year a few scholars are selected for sending in exchange who are required to stay for a few weeks in a different university to study. We at Destinationz 360 specialize in undertaking such educational tours.

General Considerations for Education Tours

School children are only allowed on education tours when they are accompanied by their teachers or responsible guardians. While taking school children on tours we tale personal attention so that they never feel ill-at-ease during the entire trip. We have specially trained people to look after the needs of small children.

For students going on foreign education tour we lay emphasis on insurance and travel security. It is our concern to make these trips trouble free and pleasant.