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Environmental studies tour is a special service offered by Destinationz 360 particularly for students. Environment is a much talked about topic as of now and efforts are on at every level to protect it for the safety of the earth and its flora and fauna. This subject has assumed great significance as is evident from the fact, that even in colleges it is being made a compulsory subject. To make children and grownups aware of our environment, educational institutes are spending resources to take students on environmental tours.

Forests, water bodies, wildlife, aquatic plants and animals, and human habitation—all form a closely knit system. A disturbance in any one or all of these can lead to severe repercussion for any life force to withstand. Indiscriminate felling of trees, unplanned habitation, removal of water bodies like marches and lakes, increased emission of fossil fuel gases have taken its toll on our earth’s environment. To encourage the cause of protecting earth’s environment, we at Destinationz 360, have carved out travel plans keeping young children in mind.

Destinationz 360 Botany Tours

Plants being the direct or indirect source of food for all animals are treated with great care. Restriction has been imposed in many nations against cutting of trees. Reduction in forest cover has brought about significant changes in weather conditions in many geographical territories. Schools and colleges on their part to educate children about the importance of sufficient plants organize botany tours with assistance from Destinationz 360.

Plant bodies like woods, marshes, meadows, nature parks, and plantations have become popular destinations for botany tours. For same day return tours we provide superbly designed buses to ensure safety and comfort of multiples of students. We conduct tours to destinations that are easily accessible and have proper facilities for food and lodging. However, the latter considerations could become areas of worry for overnight tours if these are organized by amateur organizers. At Destinationz 360 you could be rest assured of the safety of your children in these botanic tours.

Destinationz 360  Zoology Tours

Fauna is an integral part of the earth’s environment. Reduction in forest cover, have gradually left wild animal little space for their natural habitat. Conflict between man and beasts are common with humans gradually making inroads into forested areas for survival and vegetation. Many animal species, unable to bear this onslaught have already become extinct or are on the verge of extinction.

Destinationz 360 being a responsible travel and tour operator conducts organized zoology tours to create awareness in maintaining a healthy environment for safe living for plant, animals, and humans. We work closely with education institutes, government bodies, and corporate houses in arranging environmental studies tour for students or any other enthusiastic group.

If prevention of destruction of nature cover is one way of protecting environment, then keeping it clean is the other way of preserving it. Pollution of air and water by the emission of industrial wastes and burning of hydrocarbon fuels has caused extensive damage to our environment.

Destinationz 360 conducts tours that aid the cause of environmental studies in a big way.


Destination Eco zone


  • Silvassa
  • Lonavala
  • Karnala
  • Alibaug / Fansad Wilde Life Sanctuary
  • Karjat
  • Silent Resort***
  • Matheran
  • Badlapur
  • Vajreshwari
  • Saputara
  • Bhandardara / Igatpuri
  • Daman
  • Tungareshwar
  • Yeoor
  • Kolad
  • Malshej Ghat
  • Uttan