Educational Tours - Project Study Tours

Project study tours are regularly undertaken by school, college, and university students. Undergraduate and postgraduate students need to complete projects on different topics as part of their curriculum. Destinationz 360 helps you in undertaking these tours as per your convenience. These project studies could include topics from geography, history, economics, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, astronomy, and even statistics. Each subject has its own set of guidelines and criteria to be followed. Based on these criteria, we at Destinationz 360 could assist you in making a proper project tour.

History Project Tours

History as a subject makes interesting projects. History is a study of races, civilizations, their high points and their ebbs. We identify civilizations through their remnants in form of engravings, scripts, monuments, and artefacts. Architectural brilliance and archaeological findings have also helped in studying the life in bygone centuries. Throughout the world, there are innumerable locations that are enriched with historical findings. Destinationz 360 could help you in going to your desired location without any trouble whatsoever for making your project studies.

In case your choice is an overseas destination we shall take care of your entire travelling pre-requisites, like ticketing, hotel booking and visa formalities. Even when you are travelling to an Indian destination we would ensure a delightful tour.

Heritage - Heritage culture is synonymous with history as it signifies a race or a civilization. It is most usually displayed in the form of grandeur, brilliance, and magnificence. It could be a building, a piece of furniture, a sculpture, or even a piece of literature. It could be anything that is outstanding and without any parallels or it could be the old cities, houses, and culture (a way of life) documenting monuments, interacting with senior architects & tour planners. We at Destinationz 360 could organise a heritage tour to your chosen destination for your project.

Architecture - Architecture is perhaps the most easily identifiable feature of a civilization. Be it the St. Pauls Cathedral at Rome, the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, or the Taj Mahal in India, each one of these is a glorious example of architectural brilliance that has become immortal. A project study on any of these or many more structures are possible. We at Destinationz 360 are always by your side to assist in undertaking these trips.

Archaeology - There are many archaeological discoveries that could be fascinating subjects of project study such as Lothal, Hampi, Fatehpursikri, Dholaria. Be it the remains of Parthenon in Rome, the Temple of Artemis in Turkey, or Machu Picchu of the Incas, Destinationz 360 could always make travel arrangements for your project study. These archaeological remains have puzzled even the most distinguished architects and engineers of the current century.

Indology - India with its history dating back almost five thousand years is a store house of knowledge and information for all student of history. In fact so vast is its content that a separate branch 'Indology' has emerged. In case you want to prepare a project study on any topic related to India, Destinationz 360 would always make your trip exciting and a fulfilling experience.

Geography Project Tours

Geography is another of the social sciences that allows projects on various topics to be created. You could base your project on river plains, desert lands, temperate grasslands, or even tropical forests. There are innumerable destinations on which you might base your project study. Even geological structures that determine creation of mountains, valleys, and soil formation are interesting topics for project work.
At Destinationz 360 you will get co-operation in every way such that your project study becomes fruitful.

One Day Excursion

Destination Day's full of fun( One Day Picnic Places )

Essel World


Water Kingdom


Nishiland Water Park


Suraj Water Park


Great Escape




Shanti Sagar Water Park


Royal Garden


Shangrila Water Park


Kumar Resort


Silent Hill Resort


Harshgiri Lake Resort


Rishi Garden ( Water Park)


Green Hills


Holy Cross E.V.S. Park


Kalyani Resort


Bhide Water Park


Golden Swan Country Club


Nishiland Water Park


Island Resort


Ammu Water Park


Saina Resort

Madh Island

Mamacha Gaon


K. T. Hill Resort


Green Village


Pali Beach Resort


Dream Park


Anand Resort


Satya Resort



Destination Fun filled Learning


  • Cottage Industries / Kora Kendra / Mahananda Dairy
  • Parle Biscuit Factory / Weather Forecast / Bisleri Factory
  • R. B. I. Monetary Museum / Prince of Wales Museum
  • Fire Brigade / Mahananda Dairy / Parle Factory
  • Parle Factory / Maharashtra Nature Park
  • Chhota Kashmir / Aarey Dairy / Picnic Spot
  • Nehru Planetarium / Science Centre / Discovery of India Bldg.
  • Borivali National Park / Bombay Nature History Society
  • Nehru Science Centre / Maharashtra Nature Park
  • B. N. H. S. / Mahananda Dairy
  • Lonavala - Maganlal Chikki
  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary / Yusuf Meherali Centre
  • Rajesh Khanna Garden / Juhu Beach / Iskon Temple
  • Mani Bhavan / Prince Of W. Museum / Gateway Of India
  • Parle Factory / Fire Brigade
  • Go Green - Nature Dating
  • NDA - Pune / Raja Kelkar Museum
  • Gateway of India / Elephanta Caves
  • Tungareshwar - Trekking
  • Signal Park / Mani Bhavan or Museum
  • Parle Aquarium / Fire Brigade / Parle Biscuits Factory
  • Zoo + Jawaharlal Bhavan
  • R.B.I. Monetary Museum / Signal Park
  • G. P. O. / Parle Factory / Police Station
  • Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education
  • B.E.S.T Transport Museum
  • Marathi Vidnyan Parishad
  • Naval Museum