Educational Tours - Special Educational Seminars

Destinationz 360 in its endeavour to offer distinctive services organizes special educational seminars and events. Workshops on subjects that might include wellness methods, communication skills, stress buster techniques, and confidence building exercises are organized by us as per customers' demands. These workshops are ideally held in nature resorts or in locations with serene ambience.

The importance of these workshops on physical and mental well being has evolved significantly in recent years. Corporate houses from time to time arrange workshops for their employees for motivating them. In addition, conferences and review meetings are held in quiet getaways that inspire you both physically and mentally. We work in close association with our clients to suggest new and inspiring venues for corporate meetings and motivational workshops.


Some of the typical workshops that are arranged usually by corporations are:

  • Stress Buster Workshops - Stress has become an integral part of our lives and we seek the slightest opportunity to de-stress ourselves. Competition at all levels, increasing demands, and restricted opportunities lead to both physical and mental stress. Stress buster workshop is an attempt undertaken by companies or other professional bodies in association with us for combating this among you and other employees.
  • Confidence and Self Esteem - Continuous stress could affect your performance irrespective of your area of engagement. A below par performance could lead to harming your confidence and lower your self esteem. These traits should always be maintained at their highest levels for giving your best performance.
  • Communication - Workshops on communication are very common in corporate circles. It is an established fact that major decisions are always taken through discussions and deliberations. A glib speaker is always an asset for a company or an organization. Putting ideas across in a lucid and comprehensible manner is the crux of effective communication which is the key objective of such workshops.
  • Love yourself - Though it might sound haughty, loving yourself is important for loving or caring for others. Through these workshop sessions arranged by us, you rediscover yourself and also help others to live happily. These workshops uplift your mind and body and enhance fellow feeling.

Educational Seminars

The efforts of Destinationz 360 are not limited to corporate bodies only. We are equally enthusiastic in organizing educational seminars in attractive destinations. There are several nature resorts and wildlife parks that have decent accommodation and food facilities. These natural surroundings are perfect venues for seminars on nature study, wildlife, or biosphere protection. Even events like reptile education seminars might be arranged in snake gardens or crocodile farms. Events such are these turn out to be totally informative, refreshing and entertaining all at the same time.

Educational seminars on ancient civilizations or bygone kingdoms are regular in colleges and universities. We add a different dimension to such events by arranging them in a locale that has relevance to your subject of contention. A seminar in an appropriate surrounding makes your learning fuller and enjoyable.

Destinationz 360 extends its expertise in organising special educational seminars or corporate workshops to make them totally successful.