Experiential Tourism

We at Destinationz 360 have given a distinguishing definition to experiential tourism. It is not uncommon to have desires of staying differently for at least a few days. At times you must have wanted to stay like a prince in a palace, or spending nights in the desert like a Bedouin. Whatever fantasy you might be having could be fructified if you approach us. We would make our best efforts to share your experiences and work out tangible tour plans accordingly.

Experiential tourism could be in definitive natural surroundings, for joining in a local festival, or for being part of an event. Whichever way you want to fulfil your experience, Destinationz 360 would certainly help you in the best possible manner. This form of tourism is catching up fast among individuals of all ages.

Experiential Tourism amidst Nature

Nature in its different forms has been a source of inspiration for humans across communities and nations. Be it desolate deserts, verdant villages, magnificent mountains, or wooded wilderness each one has its own inherent charm and splendour. If you fancy spending few days in one or all of these surroundings, Destinationz 360 is your primary gateway.

  • Desolate deserts - There is a distinctive thrill in treading across desert land under a clear starry night on camel back. With little life to be seen except for your camel train and darkness all around, you gradually reach your desert camp or oasis inn. There you might be greeted by dancers decked in rustic jewellery gyrating to folk tunes played on traditional instruments. This ambience carries you away to a different time period where life goes on at an easy pace.
  • Verdant villages - Life in villages proves to be refreshing particularly for urban inhabitants. A few days in the company of simple minded people leading uncomplicated lives has a stimulating effect on weary minds and tired bodies. We at Destinationz 360 organize vacations in farm houses or nature resorts located miles away from cities. Spending some days in a pollution free environment enlivens your spirit and soul.
  • Wooded wilderness - Forests have been a perennial favourite among travellers. Staying in log cabins or tree houses in woods is a fantastic example of experiential tourism. Staying in jungles is a fantasy for many. These forests are not only alluring for their thick foliage but also because of the possibility of watching wildlife. Remaining in the wild for at least a few days would remove all stress of city life and inspire you with a spirit of livelihood. Even a jungle safari could help you to rejuvenate.

Experiential Tourism through Events and Festivals

Experiential tourism could also be fulfilled through events. There are numerous festivals and celebrations held across communities throughout the year. These festivals are colourful and participated by hundreds or even thousands. Many of these traditional ceremonies involve competition in the form of boat races, camel racing or buffalo racing. Individual skills and display of martial arts is also part of many of these festivals. At Destinationz 360 we could guide you to the festival of your liking so that you might gain a vivid knowledge.

Apart from festivals, events are also a source of experiential tourism. You might want to be a spectator in a Formula 1 competition or attend the final matches of a football tournament. Destinationz 360 could arrange for your tours during such exciting events.